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Terms of Use

Connecting Worlds Website Terms and Conditions:

These Terms and Conditions (the “Terms of Use”) apply whenever the User uses the website located at and all associated channels (the “Connecting Worlds Site” or the “Site”).

By using the Connecting Worlds Site you indicate that you accept the Terms of Use below and that you agree to abide by them. Please be aware that if you do not accept these Terms of Use you must not access the Connecting Worlds Site.

These Terms of Use may change from time to time. The User must check them periodically for changes. The use of the Connecting Worlds Site will mean the acceptance of the up-to-date version of the Terms of Use.

0. Definitions

"User" refers both to any person who accesses the Connecting Worlds Site and any school registered with the platform, including teaching staff and students who use the tools that are only accessible to registered users. “Users” refers to the users of the site, collectively and/or individually, depending on the context. site, (hereinafter referred to as  “Oxfam”). "Us" will be interpreted consequently.

The “Connecting Worlds Site” refers to the aforementioned definition, including any of the site’s platforms, channels and tools described in Term no. 1, regardless of the type of display.

“User Information” refers to any type of personal data that a User provides to Us through the Connecting Worlds Site.

"Website” refers to a site within the World Wide Web.

1. About the Connecting Worlds Site

The Connecting Worlds Site is a global multilingual digital online platform. The platform provides an online education proposal combining classroom activities with networking among students from 3 to 17 years old. The participants belong to different cultural, economic and social realities, and schools from around the world interact and work in a cooperative manner in teams of the same age range.

The platform has a restricted area for registered Users which can be accessed through a user name and password and which includes channels such as a chat, a wall for publications, a blog and tools which allow sharing text, images, video and making calls or video-calls through Skype. In addition, the Platform has a general area which is accessible to any internet user.

2. Acceptable Use

The User accepts that any use of the Connecting Worlds Site will be made in compliance with the following conditions:

2.1 Users must not use the Site to publicise or convey any defamatory, threatening, obscene, harmful, sexually explicit or unlawful content which violates or infringes in any way our rights or the right of others (including property rights, confidentiality or privacy rights), or which may be deemed inappropriate. Users must not express rude, sexist, racist, false, unfounded or offensive opinions. Users must treat the rest of users with respect.

2.2 Users must not upload, publicise or transmit in any other way any content which includes any of the following considered inappropriate:

A) Any information of the User or of any third party, such as full name, address, telephone number and/or e-mail address, beyond those required by the Site in order to develop the activity;

B) Spam, advertisements of other websites and services or any other commercial requests. Chain letters, pyramid schemes, commercial surveys or surveys on subjects that are not related to the activities offered in the Site or any type of requests;

C) Flooding any of the Site’s tools with publications that are excessive in number, purposeless or unrelated to the Site’s objectives and materials;

D) Debates or discussions which are not related to the Site’s objectives and subjects, are repetitive or promote products or services;

E) Repeated or continuous complaints on the policies and criteria of Connecting Worlds or any of its promoters;

F) Discussions regarding actions by administrators and moderators. If the User wants to comment on an administrator or moderator’s actions, s/he must do so through a private message;

G) Publicise or transmit any information or software containing viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans, or any other harmful material;

H) Publicise links which redirect other Users to any other information or content which, if publicised in the Site, would constitute a breach of these Terms of Use or which may contain offensive or illegal material. Connecting Worlds will not be liable for the content of any third party sites or of the use that Users make of the hypertext links published in the forum at their own risk.

I) Attacks, flaming, inflammatory answers or hate messages against other users or any third parties inciting or perpetuating discussions or conflicts; creating User Accounts with the aim of attacking other Users or any third parties; impersonating any other user or misrepresenting one’s identity;  publicising any content under an alias in order to denigrate others; posting messages disclosing any information which is confidential to any other person or a party including name, address, phone number, e-mail address or any other personal data of any individual.

J) Publications which infringe the law or promote or assist any unlawful act, including defamatory publications, contempt of court and infringement of intellectual property rights.

K) Any type of assessment which could result in the infringement of law, in the breach of these Terms of Use or in any type of personal or material damage.

2.3 Users are to abide by any prohibitions and suspensions and in no case are allowed to override the moderators or administrators’ instructions.

2.4 Users agree not to use the Site (or part of the Site) to:

A) Request personal information from other Users or any third parties, including e-mail addresses, contact information, passwords or any other personal data.

B) Request the participation of other Users or any third parties in activities beyond this Site which are not related to the activities and objectives of the same;

C) Provide false or deceiving information about themselves or about the school they belong to.

2.5 We reserve the right to manage all publications in order to provide an organized presentation of the information. For an effective administration of the Site, Oxfam may assign employers or other people to act as the site’s moderators and administrators (“Moderators”). These Moderators are the only representatives of Oxfam who are authorized to manage any page, tool or channel within the Connecting Worlds Site. Any person authorized by Oxfam  will hold the status of “Moderator” and be identified with the avatar of either Connecting Worlds or Oxfam’s official logo.

2.6 Users agree not to publish or make available in any other way within the Site any material of which they have no ownership rights without expressed consent of the owner of such material.

2.7 Users must not copy, download, reproduce, reedit, frame or distribute in any way, any of the material contained in the Site for commercial purposes or for purposes that are not related to the objectives and activities of the Site.

2.8 Users must not access the Site with the purpose of extracting or obtaining material to be used in any third party website or application.

2.9 Users must not do anything that affects the effectiveness or security of the Connecting Worlds Site or which may cause inconveniences, offences or unjustified interruptions to Oxfam’s staff.

3. Third Party’s Websites

3.1 Users recognize and accept that We are not responsible for the availability of any other web site or any third party’s materials through the Connecting Worlds Site.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

4.1.All materials and contents contained in the Connecting Worlds Site, as well as brands or trademarks and their associated intellectual property rights, will remain under Oxfam’s ownership. Any User can access all of the material offered to read, download, print, use, reuse and even base personal projects on it, provided that they do so without pursuing commercial purposes and respecting the author’s moral rights, namely, mentioning Oxfam as the author or source of the information.

4.2 If any User becomes aware of the distribution or commercial exploitation of any of the materials contained in the Site, s/he agrees to notify this immediately to Oxfam.

4.3 By submitting materials to the Connecting Worlds Site, Users further grant Us the licence to freely use, without cost and in any geographical area, any of the materials published in the Connecting Worlds Site (international, irrevocable, perpetual and royalty-free licence to use the materials both in the Connecting Worlds Site and in any other way). Such licence is extended to the copy, distribution, dissemination and any other way of transmitting, adapting and editing materials.

5. Liability and Information Provided in the Connecting Worlds Website

5.1 Authorship of any materials published through any tool or channel in the Site is of the Users. We are not liable for such contents and do not support or reject any of them. We reserve the right to monitor Users’ contributions, as well as to remove any content or material. No decision for removing a specific content implies an indication of support or rejection of the same, nor the rejection or support to the opposing opinion.

5.2 We will not be liable for the content, accuracy, timeliness or reliability of any information or statement contained in the Site or statements, counselling and/or opinions contributed by Users in any of the Site’s tools or channels. Any User who has a complaint regarding the publication of another User accepts to make such complaint only against this User and not against Us.

5.3 We strive to give the Connecting Worlds Site reasonable attention. We will not be liable for the quality, accuracy or suitability of any particular purpose of the Site and we do not promise that the material or content of the Site will run without interruption, errors, free of viruses or in a way that is compatible with your computer or any other software.

5.4 Except as required by law, we will not be liable for any loss or damage that Users or any third parties may suffer due to or associated with the use of the Connecting Worlds Site.

6. Security

We commit ourselves to make continuous efforts to ensure through our Security Policy that Users can use the Connecting Worlds Site safely. When using the Connecting Worlds Site, including any of its channels and tools, Users shall always take the following measures:

6.1 Keep their identity private. They shall not disclose their full name, address, telephone number, personal e-mail address or any other information (except if specifically required by Us);

6.2 Meet in person with anyone the User has communicated with through the Site;

6.3 Answer to any messages which can be deemed hostile, rude, inappropriate, or which make them feel uncomfortable in any other way.

7. Limitations of Liability

Users accept that Oxfam and/or any of our members, directors or employers shall not be held accountable for claims, responsibilities, damages, costs or expenses, including professional legal fees which may arise from any breach of these Terms of Use by the User’s part or from any other responsibility derived from the incorrect use of the Site.

8. User Account

This section applies to Users registered with the Site.

8.1 To be able to participate in some parts of the Connecting Worlds Site, participating schools must register with a user name and password. Schools are allowed to register as many User Accounts as class-groups participating in the Site. Individual User Accounts or any account not corresponding to a school is not permitted. We reserve the right to verify in any way and to remove any account which does not comply with the above requirement.

8.2 Schools are responsible for the good use of the User Account by their teaching staff and students.

8.3 Likewise, schools are responsible for the security and correct use of the User Name and Password and must not disclose it to any third parties. Every registered User is responsible for changing their password immediately if they believe that it has been compromised. We also recommend changing the password frequently, even when not considered at risk.

8.4 We may suspend or cancel a User’s account in the Connecting Worlds Site if there is a breach of these Terms of Use.

8.5 We may remove from our system, without notice, a User Account in the Connecting Worlds Site which has not been used during a period of more than one year. If the User wishes to access the Connecting Worlds’ account in the future, s/he will have to register his/her details again and create a new user name and password.

9. Termination

We reserve the right to cease immediately the use of the Site to any User for breach of any of these terms or when there are reasonable reasons to believe that s/he is breaching these conditions in any way, or for any behaviour we consider unacceptable at our own discretion.


If Users wish to make any comment about the Connecting Worlds Site or have any questions related to the Site, they must contact Us through our e-mail address at in the Connecting Worlds Site.

11. General

11.1. If any court or regulatory body decides that any of the provisions in these Terms of Use is invalid or non-binding, such provisions will be separated and removed, while the rest of Terms of Use shall remain fully effective.

11.2 These Terms of Use are applied between Us and the User. No other person has the right to benefits under these Terms of Use.

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