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Secondary Education (12-17 year olds) The Great Assembly

Inequality between the rich and the poor in the year 2587 is enormous. The gap is so colossal that people do not even live together in the same place – there is a wealthy minority who lives isolated from the rest of the population.

The main characters of this story – Koldo and Aisha – try to change this situation: while Koldo defends the idea of building a new and fairer world in Lunus, Aisha believes that it is still possible to stay and fight against inequality on planet Earth.

Aisha asks Connecting Worlds’ participants to help her find measures which support and strengthen her position before the great assembly that will be taking place within the next few days...


Two different educational proposals with one same storyline and subject, but with different activities tailored to each age-group:

Final product:

For the educational proposal for 12-14 year olds: boards for an exhibition.

For the educational proposal for 14-17 year olds: role playing game aimed at arguing different stances.


  • Social rights, welfare state, equity and inequality.
  • Fiscal policy, taxes, public treasury, etc.
  • Tax evasion, tax haven, black/white money, etc.
  • Social policies, political transparency, participative budgeting, etc.

Examples of activities: collaborative research, approaching the issues through organizations fighting for social rights, the barometer of social investment, reflexive-comprehensive reading and role playing game aimed at defending different stances.

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