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2020-2021 Edition
Climate Crisis: Time to Act

Climate crisis and global warming are not problems of the future; they are a reality widely acknowledged by the International Community which already affect us at the global and local levels. They pose the biggest challenge facing humanity if what we want is to continue living on this planet.

The global increase in the Earth’s temperature, primarly caused by human activity, has a devastating impact on the ways of life of people, animals and plants, and are the cause of hunger and malnutrition, loss of animal crops, massive migrations, lack of drinking water, diseases and deaths. However, not everyone contributes equally to global warming and not everyone will be affected equally by the dramatic consequences of the planet’s rising temperatures.

Those who are suffering greatly today are the most vulnerable people and populations who, at the same time, are least responsible for the greenhouse effect that causes climate change. It is estimated that, unless urgent action is taken, the number of people living in poverty could increase between 35 and 122 million by 2030 (Oxfam 2019).

Understanding the relationship between the inequality of greenhouse gas emissions on one hand, and vulnerability to face the climate crisis on the other is essential if we want to slow down and mitigate its impact, preventing those living in poverty from being affected dispproportionately and ensuring a fair and sustainable lifestyle for everyone and for the planet.

With this proposal we aim to give students clues which will help them understand the climate crisis issue from the environmental and social perspectives, offering tools for critical analysis and for transforming social actions. At the same time, we want to offer constructive alternatives voiced by the feminist movement, the youth and the indigenous peoples which can help guide the transition towards more eco-friendly and fairier economic solutions that enable to face this global challenge from each participant’s local reality.

Objectives of this edition

We propose the following objectives for this year’s Connecting Worlds:

Understand how the greenhouse effect works in order to recognize the causes of climate change and the current climate emergency.
Learn about the consequences of climate change on the environment and the people.
Generate critical awareness through the analysis of our consumption/lifestyle habits and how they are related to the climate crisis.
Work to develop (individual and collective) resillience as a strategy to cope with climate crisis (absorption capacity, adaptation capacity, transformation capacity).
Promote individual and collective actions to help students become climate activists with lifestyles that are sustainable for the planet and the people.

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Project Coordinators:
Elisabet Santpere, Sandra M. Tremoleda

Primary School Proposal: Clara De Madrid
Secondary School Proposal: Berta Maristany (Edualter)

With the collaboration of the Teacher’s for Global Citizenship Network:
The Connecting World’s committee for this network assesses and monitors the elaboration of this education proposal. It is made up of: Alazne Cámara, Pablo Cuenca, Santiago García, Esther Gutiérrez, Teresa Hernández, Flor López, Jordi Riera and Arantza Zubizarreta.

Website Dynamization:
Espais Telemàtics

The Connecting Worlds Consortium:
This 2020-21 academic year, Connecting Worlds is conducted within the Connecting Worlds Consortium. This initiative, which includes the education proposal, is in line with a wider strategy for the promotion of global citizenship driven by the following European organizations: Oxfam Italia (Italy), AID Global (Portugal), Espais Telemàtics (Spain) and Oxfam Intermón (Spain), with the participation of La Rete Nazionale Scuole Green of Italy and the Agrupamento de Escolas do Bom Sucesso of Portugal.


This proposal is part of the “Developing the Global Competence through the Intercultural Online Project Connecting Worlds” project of the Erasmus + open call.


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